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Silvia Mariela Méndez-Prado (born in Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador) is an Associate Professor in Finance at ESPOL Polytechnic University since 2001. She accumulated more than one hundred published analysis articles in Ecuador and abroad since 2007, available at In 2014 she started publishing in high-impact indexed journals a prolific scientific research production related to Management in Education, Mindfulness, International Taxation, Family Businesses, Financial Literacy, and others related to economics and finance.


Prof. Méndez-Prado has a PhD -Doctorate and Doctoral training program in Business Economics and Educational Sciences from Ghent University Belgium- and a master’s degree in Capital Markets from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. She is also a Specialist in Project Evaluation of the IDB-PUCE-ESPOL and Economist of ESPOL; with training at the CEMFI Central Bank of Spain, CIESS of Mexico, KPMG-ASDI of Sweden, Petrad-PWYP in Norway, INCAE of El Salvador, SOAC in the United States, etc.



Her technical advocacy began in 2010 becoming member of the Friends Board of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum –OMFIF– in London,; with the Latindadd network, Latin American Network on debt, development, and rights human rights in international conventions; with the Tax Justice Network –TJN– and the Catholic Committee against Faim et pour le development –CCFD– in Paris, OECD, IMF, among others.



She has extensive experience leading organizational transformation as Vice-Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty (2011-2013) and Director of Continuing Education School (2017) for ESPOL. She was selected as a Member of the National Securities Council of Ecuador (2009-2013) and vice-superintendent of the Ecuadorian Superintendency of Banks–SB– (2011). 

She has been an instructor of Stock Technical Analysis at the Guayaquil Stock Exchange, a tax auditor at the SRI (2003), and a portfolio manager at GESFIBANC Barcelona-Spain (2001-2002) and ESPOL (1998-2001).



Prof. Méndez-Prado was also recognized as an Ecuadorian Woman in 2009 in a nomination from Dinediciones for her contribution to the economic-financial education articles. 

She has a large conference production in advocacy (London, Paris, Washington, Pretoria, and among LAC) and scientific research (Oxford, Valencia, Vancouver, and others). See video recorded speech entitled: "Le défi de l'évasion fiscal" (2010), "The Mindfulness program and research in the University" (2021), "Key Financial decisions among young adults research program" (2023)

Being an active columnist for the Economy and Business magazine GESTIÓN with her webpage, she developed a new brand identity,, to release the latest contributions in the field.



Her inspiration has been the Youth Financial Wellbeing, where long-term financial planning is a new form of “mindfulness” in finance as she points out, the financial awareness as you go. 




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